I Love kelly + olive.

Y'all, I'm SO honored to be a guest blogger on kelly + olive today!!  I talk about something called, archival art.  I'm really happy with the potential of this project.  Check it out!


Also, if you've never checked out k+o, you MUST.  Those girls have impeccable taste with an exciting yet easeful delivery.  Their ideas are innovative, accessible, and attainable.  I seriously can't wait to have the time to implement so many different projects I've discovered through them.  Also, I can't wait to hire them!!  Plus they're super sweet, smart, and exciting women.  Yippeeee!  Go check it out! Today will be filled with making jewelry.  I just ordered enough raw wire to make 2,000 pairs of earrings in preparation for NYC.  And I'm not even sure that will be enough. ***Song of the Moment: Electric Feel, by MGMT***
Group 7