Shop Report: The Swedes have Arrived.

It was a regular Tuesday.  I was sitting at the cash wrap and the UPS man comes in with a normal looking brown box. "Thank you! Have a good day," I say, and take the box upstairs to Betsy. Her face illuminates! As I hand her the box and walk away I hear a small squeal, then out of the corner of my eye see her turn and poke Will from behind and say, "Look they're here!!"


Behold: The Swedish Hasbeens Super High's in Cognac


Hello, gorgeous.


This is the disarray I found when I came back upstairs.


Mama's new babies. How precious.Barrie: Why Swedish Hasbeens? When did the love affair start?
Betsy: Last August when we opened the shop, a very stylish lady came in wearing some Hasbeen boots and I immediately fell HARD.  Plus, I've been in love with Sweden ever since I hobbled around Stockholm with one of my best friends of all time, Lisa from Aarvika, all on a broken foot (that I didn't know was broken yet).


Men will never understand.

Barrie: On a scale from "excited" to "about-to-faint-from-exhilaration" how happy are you right now about your new Super Highs?
Betsy: Oh, no question, it's an ATFFE...aaaaallllll the way



Just so happened to work with her outfit perfectly.


Always ready for the camera. Once again, Betsy has wowed us all with her fabulous comfy-comfy-yet-super-duper-chic style.  Check out the Hasbeens website to feed your own shoe addiction. You know you want to. See y'all later, friends! Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Live And Die, by The Avett Brothers***

Group 7