Item of the Week: The Golden Gate Cuff

Meet our newest addition to the Bridge collection family: The Golden Gate Cuff


I must admit, this cuff is my favorite of the four Bridge cuffs that we have (with more to come soon....).  Before living in Portland I lived in the Bay Area for ten years, so the Golden Gate holds some sentimental value to me. :) Not to mention I can wear it with just about everything in my closet!

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So let's get into Betsy's mind as to why and how the this cuff came to be.

Barrie: Why did you choose to make the GG Cuff?
Betsy: When I came up with this collection, I started sketching out designs based on different bridges around the world.  There are many many more to come, but I always knew the Golden Gate would be a part of the earliest collection.  The Golden Gate was a huge part of my initiation into life out West.
Barrie: What three words describe this cuff (other than "golden," "gate," or "bridge")?
Betsy: Industrial, confident, minimal
Barrie: What's your best memory of the Golden Gate bridge, or San Francisco as a whole?
Betsy: I met some of my dearest friends of all time in a tiny tiny international graduate school program in California.  As if I didn't have enough of it on my own, my beautiful Scandinavian and Dutch friends instilled a sickening sense of awe and wonder into my life.  I remember approaching the GG on a stereotypically San Franciscan day-->>>fog weaving in and out of the cables that held us all up and everyone staring, jaws melting to our knees---in that moment, we all knew how lucky/blessed we were to be exactly where we were.
Barrie: What would you wear this cuff with?
Betsy: I'm all about asymmetry and contrasts.  I would wear it with something ridiculously girly, like this.
With Betsy's inspiration, this is what I would pair the cuff with:
Featured Pieces: - Nadira Dress by Garnish - Simone Crossbody Purse by Ellington - Hideaway ankle boots by Jeffery Campbell at Solestruck - Black Root earrings by betsy & iya - Golden Gate cuff by betsy & iya I hope this inspires you to want to travel down to the Bay, or at least see the beauty that is this wrist candy. You all know I'm in love with both. I can't wait to go back home for vacation and show it off to all my friends! They gon' be so jealous! 'Til next time. Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: San Franciscan Nights, by The Animals***
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