And the Winner is....

Nick Moen!!!! HOOHA!


Nick's St. John's cuff waiting anxiously for him to pick it up


Happy Thursday! Did you guys check out our party a couple Saturdays ago? It was pretty awesome in case you missed it. For all who were wondering, we had a raffle at the party and the winner would get to choose from one of our amazing bridge cuffs! Look at all those entries. Yummmm.


Nick picked the one that started it all: the St. John's bridge cuff and gave it to his lady friend, Megan. How sweet!


Love it! AND rockin' the Double Logic necklace. You go girl.


We also had a second place winner who got a $20 coupon to the store. The lucky winner of this prize was Craig! Yay Craig! He could have picked anything in the store but he and his lady also opted for the St. John's. I love it!


Yay Craig!!!!



Adorable. ATTENTION: We also have a 3rd place winner who entered on our Facebook page. Congratulations, Greta Gustavson Hilbourne!!!! You get a $10 off coupon to our brick & mortar shop!!! We also got a lovely donation from our neighbors, St. Honore Boulangerie: A $25 gift card to their bakery and the winner is Lesley Baird! Lesley wins a St. Honore gift card!!!


For those of you who entered and didn't win, we are very sorry. Truth time: I entered too and I was pretty bummed I didn't win. O:) But don't worry! As we speak, my mind is reeling with new ideas for more fun raffles and contests coming... soonish. 'Til next time, my little plums! Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Everyday by, Buddy Holly***

Group 7