Today is Betsy's birthday! YAY! Everyone say, Happy Birthday to B! Isn't she glowing/foxy/fresh? I'm thinking she picked out the perfect birthday outfit...


The Catenary Ring Necklace can do no wrong.. Am I right?

Before she jet off to enjoy her day off, Betsy  filled out her Birthday Mad Lib (Thank you, B)! Check it out, below.







Seriously so hot, they sizzle.


Gingham hangs out with her beautiful birthday Mom.


Gingham wanted to give her Mom a (SURPRISE!) birthday shout-out.Featured accessories:
Catenary Ring Necklace
The Beam Earrings in Ocean Blue/Mint Green
- Leather Bangles in Mint/Sea Foam/Natural
- Hot Pink Bangle by Voz (Voz accessories carried in our shop!)
- Fox Ring by ERS Creative (Assortment of animal rings now carried in our Brick and Mortar shop! Yipeeeeee!)

Have a lovely Monday everyone! Tell Betsy "Happy Birthday" in the comments below, or click over to our Facebook and give her some love! (Or drop by our Brick and Mortar shop with a few chocolate cupcakes... none of us would mind at all! We promise!!) ***Song of the moment: Hot Pants, Pt. 1 (She Got to Use What She Got to Get What She Wants), by James Brown & The J.B.'s***
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