RT2011, Notable Meals & one knitted lamppost

Both times we've been on the road, we've packed along a cooler to get us through breakfast and lunch.  We'll buy coffee in the morning and a snack later on, perhaps, but it's dinner that we look forward to.  A look in pictures at some of the exceptional places we refueled.


An old garage turned Mexican joint in Charleston


Spoon me.


Fish tacos and sweet potato fries. (PS, you're still #1, Porque No?)


Cause sometimes it's not official until it's in neon.


On the sauce.


The work of Magda Sayeg. So. Cool.


It was never this pretty after this photo. Pretty much devoured it.


Finding good coffee on the road was our biggest challenge. And this place was our biggest goldmine.


Man, I'm a sucker for old photos.


San Francisco's inimitable Tartine.


I'm not lying when I tell you we spent $40 at Tartine and ate our spoils all the way up I-5.


We remembered to take the picture mid-devour.


So are we just lucky?  Or have things changed since that dirty rumor began that it's impossible to find good food on the road? ***Song of the Moment: She Knows, by Gnarls Barkley***

Group 7