RT2011, Days 14-15: Caverns the size of Texas.

It was 6pm when we left Austin.  Betsy had spent the day at the TxSCC, and I grocery shopped, did laundry, and ran the dog around in two different parks.  You see, a thirteen hour drive (not including stops) lay ahead of us.  Punkin' McCervarich (one of the dog's many nicknames) needed to be TIRED.  In 24 hours, we were due in Albuquerque.


Texas: the other empty.


Anyone home?


We drove 7 hours the first night and landed in Fort Stockton, TX for a cat's nap before our next stint. 


Enchantment and Shotguns.


You see, we were going to pass by Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and I wanted to visit.  Betsy wanted to sleep.  Exploring the caverns meant a late night, an early morning, and a handful of Betsy convincing.  Boy, were we ever glad we stopped.


A maxim: Will and Betsy move more than Caves.


Caverned and coffee'd up, we continued to Albuquerque.  A meeting with the uber-cute Aqui, a dinner of Asian street food, and a couple of well deserved beers later,  we fell into bed two very happy campers. Aqui was really into these excellent layering necklaces. betsy & iya textured romance chain necklaces


Happy Friday, everybody!!! ***Song of the Moment: Black Night, by the Dodos***

Group 7