RT2011, Days 12 + 13: Texas Style.

this is not the ONLY cool Tikkr watch curtain photo I got. really.


I had the pleasure of stumbling across the Texas Style Council website before our road trip adventure.  I thought it seemed like a perfect opportunity to network with really cool bloggers and rad Texas folk...so I hopped onboard!


that's right, I got so excited about the event and everything I was learning, that I barely took any photos!  cool dinosaurs suffice, right??


Also, we had the pleasure of connecting with Leslie from Dress Shop--a super cute boutique in downtown Austin--and she placed a great first betsy & iya order.

Amid lots of cool events--a clothing swap, a colorful welcoming party at Bo Concept, and a hugely invigorating conference on blogging, fashion, business and how they all intersect---I had the immense pleasure of meeting some really inspiring people in the business. 


told you so.


Jennine from The Coveted was the keynote speaker.   I was blown away by her humility and moved by her ideas.  I was particularly impressed by the lovely organizers, Grechen (who really liked my jewelry...eeeee!!) and Indiana --and I've since become a big fan of their blogs. And of course, I am a huge admirer of Susan and the whole ModCloth team.  I was so excited to meet them all. 


the beautiful Indiana from Adored Austin.


Etsy and ModCloth repreSENT.


I had ideas BURSTING out after this event.  I still do.  I have a hard time keeping up with them on top of all the new accounts and the fact that I'm DYING to share my new design project with you!!  But bundle it all up and it's like the best birthday present EVER.  to myself. and then I'm going to give it to you.  just WAIT! Happy Wednesday to my favies! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: The Go Getter, by the Black Keys***

Group 7