RT2011, Day 7: Show me whatcha working with, Nashville!

Where were we?  Ahhh, yes!  Nashville.  So we drove 9 hours, met with Two Elle, and then had our first celebration dinner of the trip.  What is a celebration dinner??  Basically, it's one we cannot afford.  No no, we can afford it, it's just that we should probably be eating out of the cooler.  No, no, we shouldn't be doing that, but we shouldn't be using italics quite so much, am I right? So we ate at the Germantown Cafe.  Had a martini and a glass of wine.  Ordered apps, dessert, and an after-dinner drink.  AND dinner.  That's why it's a celebration dinner.  Sometimes when you sit in a car all day, you work up an appetite. And then we slept.  And when we woke up, we had our first day with no appointments, so we drove around town, got the lay of the land as far as shopping districts go, saw some RIDICULOUSLY huge houses near Franklin, TN (houses that were actually BIGGER than the big church down the road), sought out a good cup of coffee, and spent the night in with take-out thai (sad moment when we realized we weren't in Portland anymore, Toto, where good thai grows on trees) and the Bachelor.  And this, folks, is why we call these trips vacusiness (pronouced vay-CIZ-ness). And guess what: the ONLY picture we have to show for all of that is this one.  A little Nashvillian coffee shop that was accidentally shipped the wrong sign. 



***Song of the Moment: Dance or Die, by Janelle Monae***

Group 7