RT2011, Day 6: Nashville (and a bunch of driving)

From Savannah, we headed to Nashville.  This was our first big day of driving: 9 hours of straight up road fun.  You might think there's not much else you could do in a day besides drive 9 hours, and you're almost right.  But actually, we managed to cram in a very wonderful meeting in a very cute shop with a very cute proprietress.  Ladies and gentlemen: meet Two Elle. Two Elle is owned by the lovely and SOOOO friendly Rachel, above left with stylist Becca.  Named after the second year of law school (incidentally, the year Rachel and Vanderbilt parted ways (and we're happy they did!)), this is a really special shop.  It's Nashville, so naturally, there's a piano and a stage in the corner for bands. The counter was custom built by friends of Rachel.  The back wall is covered in Two Elle print ads and graffiti.  Look for bold, fashion forward betsy & iya jewelry here soon! ***Song of the Moment: What We All Want, by Gang of Four***
Group 7