RT2011, Day 5: There's something about Savannah.

The whole car incident set us back one day, so we didn't get as much time as we would have liked in Charleston and Savannah.  We started the one full day off in Charleston with cereal, a good friend's hospitality, and a screened in back porch (one of the biggest things I miss about growing up in the south); and we ended the day in Savannah at a new friend's store + house combo. I died and went to heaven in this place. There, we fell in love with weeping willows, spring humidity, southern hospitality, and Custard. This is another big little boutique that blew my mind.  We had a blast with its owner, Tara, and I pretty much feel like we walked out with a new friend.  I think we spent over 5 hours in her sensational shop.  She even had us upstairs where she made us a drink and showed us her gorgeous home.  We stood on her balcony and talked about things that had nothing to do with why we came there.  I love that. Suffice it to say, I am crazy excited to send a first order to Custard.  Tara was especially into the new betsy & iya Origins line.

The Dot Matrix necklacebetsy & iya Origins, the Dot Matrix necklace


We heart Savannah. ***Song of the Moment: The Balcony, by The Rumour Said Fire***

Group 7