I'm Not an Animal Person.

I didn't want a dog.

Growing up, Ash (iya) was always the one who wanted the pets---I seemed to care less (especially after our sweet pooch, Tiffy, died). I don't know if I was afraid to get close to such an innocent little thing that could so easily be taken from me or if I was merely evading the responsibility that came with it. Regardless, I grew up thinking that I would never have a dog of my own.

Enter: W! + love! + marriage! + compromise?

...enter: Gingham MacPherson.

A good friend of mine, who will remain unnamed, used to banter with me about how much we couldn't stand when people go on and on about their pets. Really good material---those conversations had me rolling on the floor. In fact, I hope she reads this post and jokes the heck out of me...I've certainly earned it.

She's supposed to stay in the back seat, but she nudged her way into my lap, sorta how she nudged her way into my heart. I've completely fallen in love with this gorgeous thing.

Now... I cannot imagine our lives without her. ***Song of the Moment: imagine that, by Ani Difranco***
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