RT2011, Day 2: Whoopsie Poopsie.

If you're a facebook fan or a twitter follower, pardon the slight echo chamber (and the uncanny delay) in this post.  Actually, don't pardon it.  Enjoy it.  Because this is a sweet post and so were those other things on twitface that foreshadowed this post, and you should like them both, but for different reasons.  Right?! So GUESS what, all you non-Facebooker/Tweeters!?!?!  Our CAR broke down!  Crazy, huh?  We had just had this really awesome meeting (that I'll let Betsy tell you about tomorrow) and we were driving back home and all of a sudden, no cruise control.  And then all of a sudden after that, no radio!  And then the lights are all dim and the car is basically bleeding out in front of us, right?!  So pull over, small freak out, quick pee break, called tow truck, and before you know it, we sold the car to the tow truck driver.  Whoopsie Poopsie!  I'll remind you: this baby had over 237k miles under her belt. He left us at Bill's Truck Stop and a quick 90 minutes later, we were in momma C's Jeep headed back home.  Here's how we filled our time: 


truck stop yard sale?


A misnomer.


They were sold out of the Times.


So, we're one day behind, but super amped because there is already so much success to tell you about!  We'll post all of our new stores by this next Monday.  Promise. ***Song of the Moment: The Flying Club Cup, by Beirut***

Group 7