the Great betsy & iya Road Trip, Part II: Southern Exposure. DAY 1

As is true of most sequels, this second leg of our road trip has a very long title.  I mean, just look at it up there.  It's got commas, colons, roman numerals!  That's just how sequels work.  Longer titles, often more rambling, and usually with a sidekick or two.  And folks, we don't disappoint.  Our sequel has it all.  A longer title, more rambling, AND a sidekick. 


Betsy, Will, and the trusty Subaru


Last time around, we visited seven cities.  This time we're hitting at least twelve.  Plus, if selling jewelry across the country wasn't enough, Betsy will be participating in the Texas Style Council Conference as we pass through Austin.  Every sequel needs a good tangential plot line.  Last time it was just Betsy and me.  This time it's Betsy, me, and the dog.  Bam!  Instant sidekick.  Plus, this sequel ends with a wedding in Los Angeles and hopefully a great dance floor montage with lots of slow motion laughter and hugs.


Ok, actually, this picture technically came before the one above. The Subaru is not yet equipped for flying.


Our first stop was Portsmouth, VA, home of my parents and where the Subaru has been hanging out since last fall.  We start with momma's cooking and a visit that we all wish could have been longer.  On our way out of town, we picked up a new store: Texture in Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood.  Next stop: Chapel Hill, NC.


Thanks, North Carolina!


***Song of the Moment: Give Up The Ghost, on Radiohead's most recent King of Limbs (this whole album is incredible and has been on repeat for the past week or so...)***

Group 7