RT 2011, Day 10: Austin hooks it up.

"Hello, Betsy and Will.  Welcome to Austin, the land of heat and sun," said Austin. And we said: THANK YOU!  OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  WE'RE SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR SUN AND HEAT, AUSTIN!!!!  HALLELUJAH!!! 


Our new store in Austin: Kick Pleat.


And then we texted Portland something we regret, but we made up and we're all better now and we're still sorry, Portland. From Austin on (with one hilarious exception), we had sun.  We started off day one in Austin by thanking the hotel gods that we actually found a place to stay.  You see, SXSW was just starting up as we arrived in Austin.  What this basically means is that hotels that normally cost $100/night now run about $434.


The owner was potting plants when we stopped by.The owner was potting plants when we stopped by.


It also means that EVERYONE is straight up booked solid.  Like, no room at the inn booked.  But.  We found places.  And for that, we thanked the hotel gods.


So sparse and gorgeous.So sparse and gorgeous.


We moseyed around Austin and found Kick Pleat, a store we'd been turned on to about a year ago by Tiffanee of Mabel & Zora (thanks, T!).  Kick Pleat is beautiful: astonishingly well curated.  And coming soon, you can find betsy & iya here.  Kick Pleat chose exclusively from the Origins collection


Find these in Kick Pleat soooooooon!Find these in Kick Pleat soooooon!


***Song of the Moment: Sleep, by the Dodos***

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