Red, White, and Blue---you've been so true.

We've been away from reliable Internet and extra time for a few days now. I write to you now from the car and our last (long) stretch home. It's been such a fulfilling journey. We more than met our goals, with amazing accounts now filling out the lonesome states--the country is looking fat and happy with betsy & iya. From my favorite rolling blue mountains through intimidating desert rock to awe-inspiring caverns and confusing weather extremes back to cloudy drizzle, from varying coffee qualities to celebrity dog parks, from old friends to new friends and back, and the unconditional love of true family next to the feeling of home and all that's familial, and the intimacy of the person who loves you no matter how onion-y your armpits are or how morning-y your breath smells or how many new eye bags you've picked up, the person who screams with you like a dodo to your favorite songs, the one who kisses you in the car again against rolling green spring California hills, flanked by the dog who loves you for everything you do: I'd say it's been a good trip.

We will be continuing to document out journey, starting back with Day 10. We hope you'll join us. Thanks for staying with us. Xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Revival , by Deer Hunter***
Group 7