Royal Blue Shoes.

Apparently I'm ahead of the fashion movements.  Before heading to New York, I was dying for a pair of royal blue shoes.  Every single store I walked into, the clerks said--"oh, those should be big in the fall!"  ummmm...but I'm ready now!!! I wish I could make my own shoes!  I'd spice them up bright cobalt and proudly traipse around my favorite American city.



I ended up at Ether in PDX and settled for a $20 pair of sweet bright aqua (ish) slip ons.  I am definitely happy with these, but the royal blues still have my heart.

(btw, this newest betsy & iya addition would go perfectly with either pair of shoes!)

Any ideas on where to find bright royal blue (or "cobalt") shoes? ***Song of the Moment: Blue Angel, by Antony and the Johnsons***
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