five senses friday: New York City.

What better way to tell you about New York than to jump right in there with five senses Friday?

Sight 1: Beauty, admiration, respect and pure love.


My big sister, Ashlyn, in a cafe doing the things we do best---drinking coffee and enjoying one another's company.  There are few things as lovely as the strength and comfort I find in my big sis.  New York could not have happened without her.

Smell: Nighttime in NYC.  It truly never quits.


After ending a full day's work, there was nothing like being able to sit down for a nice dinner at midnight.

Taste: Darn good food.




Sight 2: Curiosity.


Nighttime dinners at local celebrity gossip joint, Balthazar.

(In this shot, I'm wearing these wooden hoop earrings in crackled ivory, btw.  You can buy them in my shop by clicking the link or the picture!)

Sound: Michael Jackson gasps.


While setting up for the show on the day he died, the buzz disseminated the puck building and a sense of disbelief, nostalgia and warmth flooded the ballroom floor.  For the rest of the evening (and the remainder of the week) from the in-house DJ to the parties and the bouncing cars on the streets, it seemed the entire city would hear nothing else.

Touch: The passing on of the jewels.


For those of you who run your own crazy booths at your own crazy shows, I'm sure you can relate to the feeling of every small victory that takes place the moment one of your babies (i.e. whatever you make) leaves your hands to head to another home.  I have cheerleaders who do herkies in my head every time I make a sale.  Losing jewelry weight feels so. darn. good.

This weekend is full of fun, sun, socials, ice cream, and holding hands.  Do it!!

***Song of the Moment: Two Weeks, by Grizzly Bear***

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