Album Cover.


If W and I ever write an album together, this might be the cover.  A few months back, our friend took us out for a day of fun and photo snapping.  Man, we are so lucky to have such talented friends.


This morning, I was struggling with what to write today.  It's been so hot that my brain has gotten a little misty and pokey.  Yesterday, I had to skip work half-way through for fear of the death sweat.  It reached 106 degrees in Portland yesterday, which meant that it was a steamy 115 or so in my studio.  It just didn't make sense to be there, so I headed for the island river with some sweet sweet friends.


The truth is, though, that there should be no struggle with what to say, to share with you.  The magnitude of beauty and love I have in my life is beyond my wildest dreams.  I have pages, nay, BOOKS up my sleeves with the amount of material the awesome folks in my life have given me.

I'll start by trumpeting to the world how much love I have oozing from my heart for that dude you see in the pictures... It is an old love that has traveled far---black and white and grey.  10 years.  We went away with our heads tilted slightly and walked back alone to find the other in the middle.  In the end (slash: beginning), we found miles and miles and centuries of color.


William, you are my favorite.

***Song of the Moment: The Luckiest, by Ben Folds***

Group 7