Introducing: WILBET Hefeweizen.


At the end of the NYC tour, we took a side trip to Norfolk, VA where W's parents had a special engagement party for us.  It was just perfect.



The home brews were definitely one of the highlights.  It was a family effort and a complete surprise to us.  When they gave us a beer to toast with, I took a triple take at my FACE on the front of it.  From the fresh taste of the beer to the quirky, perfect handmade labels, they did a brilliant job and we all had so much fun.



Introducing to the world: "WILBET HEFEWEIZEN: Simply the best hefeweizen in all the Ports.  Handcrafted award-winning chemistry results in a golden unfiltered wheat beer that is truly vibrant and clearly superb.  Ever since Wilbet introduced Hefeweizen to America in 1999, ours has been the standard by which all are judged."


The other side of the beer read: "Brewed and bottled with love in Portsmouth, VA in celebration of the engagement of Will and Betsy.  Winner of 2001 KISS Gold Medal Award and 2009 Gold Ring Beer Cup.  Best enjoyed on a breezy summer day in the company of good friends and family."

...So so true.  In fact, I could use one of those cold brews, RIGHT NOW! Have beautiful cold-beer filled weekends! ***Song of the Moment: The Waves, Los Super Elegantes***
Group 7