Rose City Summer: Alyssa.

summer fun in Portland, OR

We're now on the other side of the solstice and it's officially summer, people! Can I get a hands to-the-cloudless-sky "woot woot"?! Alyssa is our next tour guide on our quest to make the most of the prime months of the year here in Portland. Coat yourself in SPF 50 and get ready to enjoy clear waters, strong beverages, and "magazining" (<--- you know it makes sense).

Where I park it: I love Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. It's right near my house and is such a peaceful place to explore and check out the copious varieties of birds which call this place home.

Summer Sustenance: Por Que No? The spicy cucumbers are the perfect summer snack. Crunchy, spicy, salty, fresh. So simple and so good.

Alyssa Summer 2014

I see you, Spicy Cukes! c/o Por Que No's Facebook / The perfect summer 'do complete with Two Captains Hoops / "Missonary's Downfall" c/o of Hale Pele's Facebook

Go-to body of water: I am not a big water lover, but even I can't resist Blue Lake. I have longtime family friends who have a house on the lake and come summer weekends I can easily be found lounging on the dock magazining between refreshing dips in the cool water. Of course, I wear lots and lots of sunscreen to maintain my vampire-like pallor.

Summer in a glass: I am a big fan of any drink too complicated for me to make at home. The "Missionary's Downfall" - or pretty much any drink - at Hale Pele is  a great example.

What betsy & iya piece I'll be living in: Realistically, I am a Two Captains Hoop addict. I can hardly force myself to wear anything else, and since they look perfect with pretty much everything, I am just not going to fight it.

Summer uniform: I have a serious love affair with pink vintage dresses. I have a little collection going. I like to wear them with the largest platform I can reasonably work in and whatever sunglasses I haven't lost yet.

vintage shirt dress

Activity or event of choice: Eating al fresco! I make pretty decent food when I put my mind to it, and since everything always tastes better with some sunshine, I can put together a pretty great picnic. Share your #SUMMERSELFIE summer selfie

"Evening Solstice Sunlight" Photo courtesy of @hacmaca on Instagram

I don't know about you, but my dream summer destination is in the pocket of Alyssa's perfect vintage pink shirtdress. Dang, girl. You're a sunscreen ad waiting to happen. What are you loving about summer so far, peeps? Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: West Coast by Lana Del Rey***

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