betsy & iya Summer Tour 2014.

In between enjoying our favorite Rose City Summer activities, we're making sure July is going to be our favorite kind of month: busy, warm, and full of opportunities to bring YOU the betsy & iya you dream about while you should be working. Read on for your full list of items to promptly insert into your phone calendar! July 3rd: Kickstart your holiday weekend by shopping extended hours on First Thursday from 6-9pm at our brick & mortar. We'll have drinks, snacks, and sales!

First Thursday Portland, OR As with most everything, shopping is better with SUNSHINE!

July 12-13: Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle, WA Barrie & I are busy compiling our best road trip mix to make the drive north for Urban Craft Uprising. "Seattle's Largest Indie Craft Show" is always a fun time for us, and we look forward to connecting "IRL" with some of our Seattle peeps.

Urban Craft Uprising Summer 2014

 July 19-20: Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco Betsy & Will are making the drive to SF for Renegade this summer to make sure the betsy & iya booth is the most rockin & rollin place to be in the City by the Bay. My money is on them succeeding at doing just that. Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Just thinking about all this west coast traversing makes me want a road trip snack - ya know, something small & preferably crunchy to tie you over between real stops. Note to self: stock up on pita chips before leaving for Seattle. Hope to see tons of you at our shop, in Seattle &/or San Fran! Anywhere you find yourself in betsy & iya jewelry this summer, make sure to tag us & add #destinationbetsyandiya in your Instagram photos for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree, AND MORE! Our Summer Instagram contest is underway now through August 14th. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin (def on aforementioned "Road Trip" Playlist)***
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