Outfit of the Day: Birthday Threads.

I'll admit, this post is a little late. Alyssa's birthday was in the beginning of June... but that does't mean she doesn't still look amazing in this vintage dress!betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress2betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress3 All pink color scheme in honor of Alyssa. From Monday through Friday she wore a different shade of pink to celebrate.

betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress4 betsy and iya_Alyssa birthday dress5


Dress from Dear Golden

Shoes gifted from Mom

Necklace from Demimonde

Cathedral Park ring by betsy & iya

Maybe we should always wear a special color to represent our birthdays. If we wear red, white & blue for Fourth of July, or green & red for Christmas, then why not the color of your choosing for your "name day?"

Birthdaylove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: I Got The Feelin' by James Brown***
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