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Now that summer has officially arrived, it's time to break in that backyard that we've avoided cleaning all winter long. Say goodbye to crunchy leaves that always trail into the house, soggy furniture (because sometimes we forget to put the covers on), and overgrown weeds. Say hello! to topless tanning--can't have any of those tan lines--barbecues, and all around good times with friends & family outside in the sun. So scrub the deck, trim the garden, and grab some of these fantastic local goods for the endless amount of summer soirees you'll be throwing in your backyard. Betsy and iya_patio party decor


1. Vintage blankets from Beam & Anchor- Use them as a picnic blanket or a table cloth, or maybe snuggle up in them around a fire pit and marshmallows! 2. Mini Woven Vases from Noun- These vases are perfect decor (outside and in) to use as a center piece or accents to store some of those lovely flowers you've been growing. 3. Tropical Fruit Tea Towel by Nell & Mary- There's not really much I can say about this other than, "Why wouldn't you need a tea towel with tropical fruits on it? #obsessed." 4. String Lights from Rejuvination- Nothing transitions brings a backyard bash in the evening better than some whimsical string lights to add an etherial ambiance. 5. Candles by Izola from Flutter- Smells good, provides light, and it keeps the bugs away! What more do you need? 6. Bowl Set from Red Sail- Store snacks and other tasty treats in this tasty looking bowl/tray set. 7. Custom table from Denali Furniture- Not much can add more character to your backyard than a custom natural wood table. One day I'll have one of these and I'll be able to die happy.   I'm very excited for all of your summer adventures. If you're throwing a party and in the area, don't forget to invite us!   Summerlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Million Dollar Bills by Lorde***
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