Outfit of the Day: Summer Shakin'.

betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin' While Summer is a time to relax and veg out at beaches, backyards, and bars, it's also a time to be more active! Everyone's out on bicycles, brew cycles & boogie boards getting their vitamin D fix. One of Betsy's favorite activities (not necessarily summer-specific) is dancing. After she's gotten some coffee in her system you'll often find her exerting some of that caffeine energy with little jigs here and there... even when I'm trying to take pictures of her outfit.   betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'2 betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'3 betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'4   betsy and iya_betsy summer shakin'6


Dress by UZI NYC from betsy & iya

Cardigan from Anthropologie

Jeans by Gap

Shoes from Sweden

Sunglasses by Silvano

Ornament earrings by Takara

Peruvian cuff & African bangle from betsy & iya

Scania cuff by betsy & iya

Sonora & Puebla ring by betsy & iya

betsy-ultimate-gif_short   Dance on my friends. Summer is officially here.   Summerlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Sh-Boom by The Chords***
Group 7