Road Trip: day 11, Helllooooo, Chicago!

Did Betsy mention what a hero I am?  I mean, seriously, there was SO much rain on the way to Chicago.  I basically drove through an ocean to get us to Chicago.  A crashing, frothing, insane ocean filled with rabid monkeys and spooked horses.  It was ridiculous.  And while we're on the subject, what about if someone invented something so that when you're behind a truck during hell like this, the truck doesn't spray even more water on your windshield?  That'd be real nice. So, Chicago is the third largest city in the US, even though it's called the Second City.  Portland is number 30.  This means Chicago has things that Portland doesn't, like really tall buildings right next to each other, traffic patterns that force you to run a red light to make a left-hand turn, and people who panhandle in the middle of the road during rush hour.  There's also a ton more shopping, neighborhoods that evoke a rich and specific history (Ukrainian Village, for instance), and 24 hour public transportation (wake up, Portland).  For me, all of this contributes to a certain energy that is only felt in big cities.  In as small doses as I usually take, being in a big city makes me feel big and important, but not as big and important as this crazy huge city... it's awe and ego at once.  And I love it. On our first day here, we met with two stores, loved them both, and they both loved us.  ummm, YAY! Komoda is "an eclectic emporium [that] brims with uncommon treats that you'd rather clutch to your heart than give away.  Replete with old-timey looks, the renovated hardware store stocks items that infuse artistic pizzaz into everyday objects." (TimeOut Chicago, No. 96, December 2006) City Soles/Niche is a fantastic shoe boutique in Wicker Park.  With amazing selection and staff, we're thrilled to have our jewelry included in the mix.  Unfortunately, we were so thrilled that we completely forgot to take pictures on the inside... Look for us in both stores around the end of October! ***Song of the Moment: The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts, by Sufjan Stevens***
Group 7