Road Trip: day 10.5, oh yeah...the storm part

So we left birdies with some nosh from YJ's---the single most recommended eats to us in KC---mmmmmm, SO good.  Then we got on the road. This is what met us for…weeeeell, pretty much the ENTIRE ride up to Chicago: That's right folks.  Like 10 hours of rain.  Torrential rain.  Rain that overpowered the sound of the radio as it wailed down on our trusty steed.  Lots and lots of rain.  I can’t say that I hated it (of course, I also can't say that I drove during any of it either...thanks, huzzy!).  I’ve always loved the rush I get from lightening, the burst of energy, the striking scene…gorgeous. I miss it in the Pacific NW.  I sat for a good 30 minutes with my camera set to catch one of those darn things... never did.  Lightning is fast, people.  That's why they say "Fast as lightning." ***Song of the Moment: Crash Years, by The New Pornographers***
Group 7