Road Trip: Day 10, a birdie in a storm.

A girl needs some good support! (know what I’m sayin’??) birdies is somethin' special.


Just before we left KC, we met with our last sweet spot shop, birdies. I.    love.    birdies. There is something so nice about having an expert do expert things with your tee-tahs.  WHOA!  That sounds craZAY, but I actually mean it in a very careful, gentle way. This is where the magic happens.


I have been in need of a new bra for some time now.  I had no idea I was holding out for the best (omg, double entendres bursting out the seams here!).  birdies is a land of bra fairies and dancing panties.  The moment I walked in, I felt equally in awe, at home, and oddly sexy---like I wanted to wink and do a girlish giggle the entire time. what's in that left hand??


I was overjoyed when we learned they definitely wanted to place an order.  KC fans, expect to see some b & i in your favorite lingerie shop come mid-October.  We’re even doing some special custom work for the sweet shop.  You must check it out. Needless to say, I spent just as much time shopping as I did working.  These women know their boobies!!  I walked out with the prettiest of bras and I’m certain I’ll be back for more. Most importantly, I walked out feeling like a woman.  And you know what...that feels darn good. Thank you, birdies! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: When You Love Somebody, by Fruit Bats*** (this song keeps coming up on the ipod shuffle in the car and it makes me melt every time I hear it.  I think of sweet W; at once, I'm missing, loving, and dreaming about him...yet his elbow is mere inches away from mine.   ...   love.   ...   that is all.)

Group 7