Road Trip: day 9, Things that happened in KC.

We saw...

loads of interesting art...and fountains...everywhere!


castles for houses.  tons of them.


cool colors and architecture

We shopped...



hobbs, inc in Lawrence, Kansas.  successful meetings at the most lovely shops!


new wooden bracelet. found at Colfax (look for b & i here in mid-October).


Steph shopped betsy & iya. beautiful woman with her beautiful new dangles.

We ate...



yam? sweet potato? whatever! it was delicious.

We loved and played and laughed...


4 amigos??


happy #1.


happy #2


happy #3.


We loved KC!! Goodness gracious, it's WEDNESDAY already?? Happy days to you all! xo~b ***Song of the Moment: Wordless Chorus, by My Morning Jacket***

Group 7