Road Trip: day 12, having a blast in Chicago.

We had strong beers here (hence, the pose).


Celebrating 3 new shops in Chicago! I drank DRAGON'S MILK and it's now my fave.


Did you know the former Sears Tower (it’s Willis now) is basically HALF the size of the world’s tallest building?


Who says it's hard to eat right on the road?!


Um...I had to.


isn't he cute, y'all!?!


like will and me---the same size! (except, there's no parking underneath us.)


I'd like to buy a vowel.


they should sell these on Etsy.


there's just something about windows.

We are loving life on the road!

Don't forget about the trunk show in North Carolina tonight!  Hope to see you there.


***Song of the Moment: Come on! Feel the Illinoise!, by Sufjan Stevens***

Group 7