Renegade San Francisco Summer 2013 Recap.

What. A. Weekend! Kelly and I ventured all the way down to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Fair and had all sorts of fun. Here's a little taste of our adventure: IMG_4777 copy Kelly and I getting ready to hit the road. Check out that jam-packed car!renegade summer 13IMG_2291 copy When I see light creeping through the clouds like this my heart always sings a little bit.renegade summer 133 From clear Oregon skies to the foggy Bay and a shot of Fort Mason Center from our awesome friends over at Nell & Mary!The Fort Mason Center was a fantastic location to hold such talent. I wish I had taken more pictures! If you want a piece of the action though, check out the Renegade website for their photo upload of the event. If only it weren't so foggy out, we might have had a chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge too. It's okay though, there was plenty to look at inside the center. renegade summer 134 Left: Before opening // Right: The giddy swarm of Renegade shoppers.IMG_4786 copy Kelly-girl looking perfect and ready to go!renegade summer 132IMG_2300 Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers smile, especially a whole crowd of them!Wish I could have shown you more but it was all such a whirlwind of pretty things, happy people, tasty snacks, and handmade perfection, I hardly had time to walk around and see all the other goodies. Kelly and I were simply too busy having fun hanging out with customers, seeing old friends, and making new ones. San Francisco, it was a pleasure. Hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you. We'll see you in December!   SanFranlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennett***
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