Summer Favorites: Will.

Time to see what's up with the mystery boss: William Burton Cervarich. What's your ultimate Summer, Will? Favorite color for Summer >>Portland twilight (no relation to the movie).  When the sun has gone down behind the west hills and the heat begins to slide away.  This is the color of the beginning of a good backyard party. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) >>CORN!  We've been grilling corn this summer and it's two things: delicious and a perfect flossing reminder.  My dentist will be so proud of me. What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist? >>I'm gonna give you two sides of the coin: Otis (feat. Otis Redding), by Kanye West & JAY Z, and the album Circlesongs, by Bobby McFerrin.  Otis is a completely ridiculous song with a completely ridiculous video, but man-oh-man is it catchy.  Circlesongs is an album I used to listen to on my Discman as a camp counselor 12+ years ago.  It's meditative without taking itself too seriously, entirely captivating, playful... it is music.  I rediscovered it recently and have been glad I did. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>There are many, but I'm going to go with Migration.  Does it have the coziest patio? No.  Does it get some pretty awful sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day?  Yes.  But we always have a good time there.  Maybe it's the peanuts. Favorite activity >>Swimming across rivers.  Don't try this at home, kids; there are some risky rivers out there, but when you find the right one, what's more rewarding than pointing toward the horizon, secretly second guessing the soundness of the idea, and plunging into Oregon's mountain runoff?  When you reach the other bank, you feel like you've won a race against nature.  Add an eager-to-follow dog if you want to take it up a few levels of awesome. Favorite Summer smell(s) >>Did everyone say sweat & sunscreen?  Probably.  Well, we're all right. Ultimate Summer vacation destination >>I don't know where this is exactly, but here's what it looks like.  Filtered sunlight. A small (but well appointed cabin).  A river runs by the deck (obviously, there's a deck) and feeds a sparkling swimming hole a 10 minute walk away.  There are games, dogs, friends.  There's bird sounds and an incredible view of Mount Hood, maybe Mount St. Helens.  It's a perfect combo of hot, cool, green and brown. If you were stuck on a luscious deserted island for the summer, what 3 possessions would you bring with you, and what celebrity (dead or alive) would you have as a companion? >>Someone will challenge me on this, but here goes: Possessions: our dogs, a good knife, and a water filter.  Celebrity: lucky me, I think I'm married to one (in certain circles at least).  I'm bringing Betsy.

You and Betsy are always finding loopholes in my questions!! Fine. You win this time Will... but only because that answer is incredibly adorable. So sweet it's sick! Anyone else jealous of this love?

This sounds like a Summer that's sure to develop some toasty tan lines!



***Song of the moment: Circlesong 1 by Bobby McFerrin***

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