Great news: the shop is restocked with tons of vintage sterling silver and turquoise jewelry! With pieces for both men and women, this shipment is giving us hand and neck models a serious case of "OMG wish this was miiiiiiiine!!!" sterling silver turquoise rings

Ladies' turquoise rings, sizes 3.5-9.5, $54-$160

men's turquoise rings

Love us some man bling! Sizes 10 & 11, $110-$180

vintage sterling silver and turquoise necklace

Vintage sterling silver and turquoise necklace, $120

Ever since our first batch of turquoise rings arrived from New Mexico, they've been charming the pants (thumbs?) off our Instagram followers and in-store shoppers. I think turquoise is especially ripe for wearing in the summertime; the simple act of reaching for a cold beverage takes on a new joy when the outstretched hand is adorned with one (or more!) of these rings. If you're curious about the price and/or size of one of these pieces, please give us a call at 503-227-5482, option 3.