Random Pop: jewelry crush.

Ummmmmmmmm... I'm smitten.   Yes, by W, always by W (I mean, we just went on a random road trip 100 miles outside of Portland, to spend time and money together on roulette and slot machines, just for the heck of it...whaaa?), but ALSO by this RAD artist on Etsy:

DMD metalsmith

???  !!!!!!!!  ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  l.o.v.e.

These hot hot hoops were just on the front page of Etsy.  OH my MY.  I can't even HANDLE how much I want to buy these.  I am so inspired by this dude's designs.   I love his entire shop.  I want to apprentice with him!  The uniqueness, the precision, the detail---I want ALL of it!

marry me?  (like in a totally-platonic-fellow-jewelry-designer kind of way)?

In other news, Darling Monday has arrived and I'm feeling okay about it.  Always waiting, always there, always ready for us to take her on and embrace her, dear friend.  We could push her away or choose to embrace her.  Today, I'd like to walk with her, hand in hand.  I hope you all grab your own Mondays by the hands and skip with them right on over to Tuesday.

xo! ~b

***Song of the Moment:  Soil, Soil, by Tegan and Sara***

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