Helpin' Haiti

A looooooooooong time ago I told my customers that 15% of my online sales for one week would go towards the relief effort in Haiti.  Well, they did.  And I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you.

Thanks to your generosity, I wrote a check to Mercy Corps last week for $100!  That could build one heck of a Hexayurt!

Or buy six comfort kits, which includes a blanket, sketchpad, crayons and toys, for children. Or create a job for one Haitian for over a week. So thanks for helping make this possible; b&i is humbled. If you haven't donated and you want to, there are so many many sites and ways you can donate.  I chose Mercy Corps because they're headquartered locally and do good work.  Please consider donating if you have the resources.  The need is still so great. ***Song of the Moment: I Gotta Find Peace of Mind, by Lauryn Hill***
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