Outfit of the Day: charleston place.

(Several days ago, I gave you an OOTD preview and then completely left you hanging!  so sorry!  Thanks for being patient.  Without further ado, I give you:  charleston place.)

We stayed at the historic Charleston Place hotel, right in the middle of downtown Charleston.  The moment we got in there, we were overjoyed with the decor----the warmth, the detail, the tradition, mmmmm.  We immediately jumped into photo-shoot mode.  Seriously, for at least 30 minutes, my mama, sis and me took pictures of the gorgeous room and each other in it.

So. much. FUN.

Chocolates on your bed.  Whaa??  Who does that any more???  love.

That moment stood out as one of my faves of the whole trip.  I mean, what's more fulfilling than being completely goofy with the ones you love most?  So I combined it into my Outfit of the Day.

girly dressFree People from Radiance in Hilton Head.  (a new boutique who will be carrying my line)!

graphic tights: from Philly's Bus Stop boutique (another loyal betsy & iya seller)!

boots: Frye.

new earrings and necklace: betsy & iya

Turns out mama has some SKILLZ with the camera...go mama!!  I heart this new head shot!

And then...ahhh...my favorite shot of all---the real deal, iya.  Sis, you melt my heart.

More on this east coast journey to come (including: my trip to Etsy headquarters, the NU hotel in Brooklyn, and sweet memories of childhood beaches.  Also, I'll be listing those new key/chain earrings for you today.)

I hope you're holding your Monday's hand and skipping all the way into the sunset!

***Song of the Moment: Blues for Mama, by Nina Simone***


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