PDX Collective Sale Gon' Cray!

Holy Cow... I didn't think people waited in lines outside stores for sales unless it was Black Friday (or if the new iPhone was coming out). Thanks for the picture, Folly!


Did you make it to the PDX Collective Sale this past weekend? I told you about it last week, remember? Well, if you made it I hope you made it out in one piece (with goodies in hand). It was a madhouse this weekend!! I wasn't able to make it on Saturday but apparently it was caaraaazzyyyy!!! Matty barely made it out alive: Thank goodness for the coffee.


Look at all those little treasures behind him, that was before the sale started. Well, by the time I walked into the sale early the next day, the table was reduced to just a few pieces. Way to go, people! Get those deals, save that money! And of course, Betsy was killing it day 2--just two days after a crazy whirlwind trip in New York, this woman does not stop! Ahh, what a rush. I was constantly dodging customers while trying to take pictures; didn't want to get caught by any hangers spilling out of the piles of clothing grasped by eager shoppers. Like here for example. Oh, hey Gina!! Look at you representing Radish Underground like a champ!


Were you one of those lucky beans who scored big on your new favorite top/cuff/shoes/tote?? What did you get?? Whatever it was, hats off to all the shops who participated in this season's Collective Sale. You came in with your heads in the game and made hundreds of people very very happy. Can't wait for the next one!   Crazylove, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Every Night I Die At Miyagis by Airle Pink's Haunted Graffiti***

Group 7