Mama Cross Contributes to Chocolate Tue-Wednesday.

By now you all know about betsy & iya's popular weekly tradition of Chocolate Tue-Wednesday; starting as just Tuesday's and then progressing into Tue-Wednesdays. Well, Betsy's mom, Charlotte, is an avid reader of the blog / arguably betsy & iya's biggest fan / the sweetest lady I have yet to meet. She sent us a whole box of delicious chocolates so we can continue the tradition! On behalf of the entire b&i team we'd like to say, "THANK YOU MAMA CROSS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!" You have made us some very happy, happy clams... especially Alyssa, Matt, and me. Jackpot.


These two. <3


My favorites were the mint melts. Tiny little cubes of chocolatey & minty goodness. I really, really liked them... There were probably a hundred of these guys when I first opened the box. *Munch munch munch munch munch munch*


Oh, Mama Cross, please come to Portland so we can all thank you in person! You've truly brightened our days and filled our tummies full of creamy, melty chocolate. If any of you want to join us for Chocolate Tue-Wednesday please do! Aaaand if you wanted to bring some chocolate you might become our new favorite person. :)   Sweet, sweet love, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Lollipop by The Chordettes***

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