PDX Collective Sale 2013

It's back! The PDX Collective Sale will be nestled cozily in The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel this weekend! Lot's of customers have been coming into the shop these past couple weeks asking about the sale, and I let them know that if you don't plan on watching the Super Bowl this weekend then, then! you're in for the real competition. This sale is a rush! Imagine, shoppers stuffed into a room with eleven amazing, local Portland shops. They're searching through clothing racks, snatching shoes and accessories, trying things on as fast as they can, with runners bringing clothes from the fitting room back to the appropriate brands. People are flocking to different tables making sure they're getting their favorite pieces--because you know this is the last time they're being sold! Your eye catches that last pair of size 7 boots from Lizard Lounge--quick!--dodge left and right, serpentine through customers, snatch the boots, head for the register, hand off the credit card, receipt, touch down! Major win!!!! Personally, I find this more exhilarating than football. Wouldn't you agree? No disrespect to the 49er's and Ravens, good luck to them both! But I think I'll be spending my weekend trying to score on some sweet, sweet deals.   See you there! Barrie   ***Song of the moment: The Charming Man by The Smiths***
Group 7