The Sticky Door Gets Fixed.

It's true!  Can you believe it? I almost couldn't. Remember last week when I was telling you about our door and its notoriously bad attitude? Well, I told you we were trying to fix it and by golly we did it! A Locksmith came in and fixed that baby right up. So you think everything would be peachy-keen right? Well, the door wasn't going without a fight... Even though it's not sticky anymore it decided to play another trick on us and now when you leave the shop you need to pull the door handle UP to open it... Counter-intuitive, I know. But look, we made a sign to make it easier! First it seemed like we were trying to keep you out, now all we want to do is keep you in!  So come, stay with us! Listen to music, talk about your day, we're happy to hear. :)   That's all for now, folks!   Loveandmorelove, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Genesis by Grimes***
Group 7