From B & I to You: A Whole Lotta Love.

My favorite part of Valentine's Day? Surprisingly enough, it isn't all the chocolate I allow myself to eat. It's the Valentine cards, of course! This year we are in love with someone special and we wanna let that someone know how we feel! Lookin Good Valentines Day Betsy & Iya If you couldn't already tell, it's you and it's been you all along! How could we do it without y'alls? You make us laugh, you inspire us, and most of all, you believe in us. We sincerely feel so much love coming our way and we simply can't resist asking you any longer: Will you be our Valentine? Going Steady Betsy & Iya Valentines Day Jewelry  

Be Mine Egg Press Betsy & Iya Valentines Day Jewelry

Valentine's Day Cards Betsy and Iya Jewelry

Alyssa Loves Coffee and She loves you too Betsy and Iya! Alyssa's vanilla latte is LOVE. It keeps her energized to make your b&i goodness.


Laura George Betsy & Iya Valentine's DayMatt loves y'all so much that he wears these silly gloves. Matty loves y'all so much that he wears these silly gloves even when he doesn't want to.


We make a good pair betsy & iya jewelry laura george valentine's card You + betsy & iya = The Perfect Pair / Cherry Tomato Sweetness!


betsy & iya valentines day jewelry Barrie hearts you babes so much that she couldn't choose just one Valentine card to show her love! (She's achin' for your bacon)


snuggle appointment laura george betsy and iya valentines daybetsy & iya designer jewelry portland oregon fashion These three goofs love you so much they stay up day and night workin' hard, with the exception of their snuggle appointments, of course.


From the bottom of our hearts, we love and appreciate who you are. Thank you for believing in us, thank you for encouraging our dorky-ness, and thank you for being ours! So much LOVE,   Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Lauryn Hill***

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