Inspired by: William Burton Cervarich.

You all know the Boss-man. I know it seems cliche to have your boss as your inspiration, but today Will came into work around 10 and started a meeting right away with our production manager. Immediately after that he goes into another meeting, and a couple hours later another meeting! And I think he got a couple of phone meetings in there too. After all that, he covers my lunch, finds time to change three lightbulbs, dust all the lights, vacuum the floor & shelves, and the usual hundred emails and other boss-man endeavors. Will at betsy & iya What?! That's crazy talk. No, seriously, I saw it with my own eyes (der, I took the picture).  The man is a non-stop, moving-and-grooving, super-human machine.  With everything that Will does he still finds the time to do a little house cleaning around the shop. I may have said this before but I take great pride in knowing I work for people who truly care about what they do and work harder than anyone that I know. They come to work in the morning and leave at night only to go back home to work some more. They inspire me to keep working and work harder. So thanks, Will (& Betsy) for keeping me strong.   Inspired love, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny***  
Group 7