Party Funds to Friends of the Children Portland.

Parties come and go and there's usually not much to recap afterwards, beyond discussing any notable party outfits. Our recent 7th anniversary bash was different, though; we pledged to donate 10% of all sales during the party, as well as 50% of each original artwork sold to Friends of the Children Portland. I'm happy to update that we've sent off a check for just over $1,000 to them this week! Hurrah! IMG_6783This amount represents a true team effort, and to everyone who made purchases during the party, YOU contributed to an extremely worthy cause. Thank you! More good news: there are still 4 pieces of art available for sale! Check out what original 7th anniversary artworks are still available here. Partying never felt so good. -Anna ***Song of the Moment: If You Find Yourself Caught in Love by Belle & Sebastian***
Group 7