Where there's a group, there's a selfie.

We recently changed up our all-staff meeting format, going to a once a month schedule as opposed to the once a week routine we'd been in for the last few years. In doing so, we're able to include more staff, report on bigger picture things, as well as have a moment for each department to share goals and what they're working on so we can all stay in one big harmonious loop. This week was our first monthly meeting and to celebrate, I thought a group selfie was appropriate. betsy & iya staff If you're wondering if I have "go go Gadget" arms, the answer is no; but I do have access to a broom and a contraption that holds your phone and can be attached to surfaces. Voila, DIY selfie stick. And I have a super photogenic group of fun loving coworkers. I think it all worked out perfectly and I'm excited to see the ways this change-up in our meeting routine will positively impact our communication and goal-setting going forward. Oh, and we are a staff of 17 right now! This picture is sans Betsy, who had to open the shop at 10am, and Alison, who's due to have a baby any second. Much love from our crew to yours! Anna ***Song of the Moment: Love the One You're With by Steven Stills***
Group 7