New in the Shop: April 2015.

Hello, dear blog readers! Are you all loving our new website or what?! We're all smitten with it, and super big shouts to Will and Needmore Designs for all their hard work making it beautiful and functional. One of the most exciting things about the new website is that we are able to offer items other than betsy & iya jewelry online. That means, while you're stocking up on your latest must-have pair of earrings, you can also add in a card for Mother's Day (it is coming up, remember?), and bath salts just because baths rule. And it'll all be shipped right to you! Keep posted as we add more and more items to our webstore. Technology is cool. new in shop april 2015 Now, on to the new & restocked items you can find in our shop right freaking now! Top Row, L to R
  • Bath/Body products by Kani Botanicals: bath salts, body scrub, and more made in Spokane, WA. All are vegan and free of parabens and synthetic fragrances. Dermatologist tested, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Only the best for your bod!
  • Kaftan by Curator: If I were a poet, I'd write a whole dang book full of sonnets dedicated to kaftans. Comfortable, forgiving, and 100% cotton, the real selling point of this piece is the internal elastic strap that keeps the bodice fitted to you. A little waist definition goes a long way when you're essentially wearing a chic tent.
  • Room spray by Sydney Hale Co.: Sometimes you want to light a match, sometimes you want to spritz a spritz. For the latter, may we present Room Spray in three different scents. Made by our favorite candle makers, Sydney Hale Co., each bottle is only $18 and will freshen up small or large spaces.
Bottom Row, L to R
  • Earrings by Demimonde: One of our favorite days is "Demimonde Restock Day." Suzy picks up our orders from Rachael's NE Portland shop/studio, and we all get giddy to see the return of favorites, and often, some new styles, too. These ladder-esque babes are $158.
  • Small pouches by Anna Joyce Design: Always losing pens, lipsticks, bobby pins, other small items? Well, this pouch is for you. Small enough to fit inside another bag and printed by hand. Loss prevention at its cutest. Only $18 each.
  • Nail polish by Palate Polish: Good news! We now have more colors of Portland made Palate Polish than you have fingers or toes. Unless you're some freak of nature, in which case- send pictures!!! 5-free nail colors, $10 each.
As always, feel free to call us to purchase or if you have any questions: 503-227-5482 option 3. -Anna ***Song of the Moment: Catapult by R.E.M.***
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