Outfit of the Day: The Swede Gets Married.

Just a bit ago, we traveled North and rode a ferry over to Vashon Island.  It was beautiful.


Only one reason brought us there: to see a friend from grad school, Kajsa, celebrate her matrimony.  Just after school, she ventured up to Vashon Island to participate in her internship with a local theatre company.  She did her work.  And made a name for  herself there---the hot talent from Sweden.  And most importantly, she fell in love with (from what I can tell in one beautifully blissful evening) an amazing man ---a true partner for life.  I felt honored to be a witness in their joy. I looked stunning (though in no way competed with the bride) and I also had a spectacular time amongst friends and strangers:



Cutey PatooteyCutey Patootey

Shopping Local:

1) Amazing dress made locally by Kara from Tumbleweed on Alberta.  (I really really love this dress.) I put a white thermal underneath for layering and added texture.

2) Frye boots from Johnny Sole on SW Alder.

3) Old teal tights from somewhere cool and great new grey textured knee-highs from Sock Dreams on SE Powell.

4) Blue righteous record earrings from betsy & iya. (duh).


I had *so* much fun in this outfit.



red faced laughing, bride hookers, and peeping Elizabeths = the bestred faced laughing, bride hookers, and peeping Elizabeths = the best

bride boob biting???bride boob biting???


In the morning, we were on our own.  Luckily, Kajsa’s friends, with whom we stayed, wanted to accompany us to an island breakfast and gossip about the small town.  It was super delicious, in every way.  On our way back to the car, there was a mysterious honk from a wild looking lady.  We thought the island was just ridiculously friendly. While we might not have been wrong about Vashon’s welcome, this is what caught up to us  seconds before we took off:



The SwedeThe Swede

If there was ever a perfect OOTD, this is it.  I couldn’t tell you where she purchased any of these stunning morning-after pieces, but I can bet it was not at Walmart. Kajsa, stunning in her Swede/American married maid look, made me laugh so hard and admire her even more.  I hope this amazing get up is a perfect reflection of how vibrant, big, wild, carefree, uninhibited, and unpretentiously perfect her marriage will be. girls girls girls girls girls girls


We said goodbye and enjoyed our ferry ride back to the homeland.

***Song of the Moment: Into my Arms, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds***

Group 7