Outfit of the Day: Grandma's Basement


Ahhhhh nostalgia.   One of my most absolute favorite things to do when I was a wee one was rummaging through my grandmothers' things.  When I went to Grandma Mary Jane's house, I'd go straight back to her huge 60s-style bathroom, with blinders on---I was in search of only two things: her makeup and jewelry.  I LOVED Grandma MJ's choice in lipstick color---even at the ripe age of 10, I could pick out the biggest, brightest, and hottest pink in the bunch.  I was also in awe of her jewelry choices.  She had the coolest, most beautifully sparkling costume jewelry.  I spent hours in there---completely content on my own.



I wanna be like GrandmaI wanna be like Grandma

Next we would head over to the country to visit Grandma Lois.  I would always pay my respects and truly enjoy the warm company of a large family.  But somewhere in there, usually when no one was looking, I would sneak downstairs and get lost in Grandma's basement.  I didn't realize this until later on in my life when I actually started doing some of my own shopping, but Grandma Lois and Grandpa Luther have kept so much (awesome) stuff that their basement has racks of clothes and goodies big enough to fill a small thrift store.   And that's exactly what it has become to me throughout the years.


Over the holidays, I went back to Virginia to visit family.  You better believe that I didn't let the visit pass without a a quick flirt with Grandma's basement.  I went sorta nuts in there---finding treasures more exciting and meaningful than any extremely "valuable" thing I could find in any other store in the world.



Do I look as good as Grandma?Do I look as good as Grandma?

I picked up many awesome things that I didn't have room for in my luggage.  Recently, my mother and sister came out to visit and my awesome mama surprised me with all of the treasures I couldn't fit at the time (except for Grandaddy's old fedora which she promises to mail to me).  Grandma's skirt was one of them.  I can't even believe how well it fits and how comfortable I feel in it---not to mention, the feeling I get when remembering where it came from.

The peek-a-boo black blouse comes from a local store in North Carolina that sells my jewels (and very well, at that), Scout and Molly's.  If you're in the Chapel Hill area, I highly recommend visiting those folks.  Tell the manager, Brooke, I sent you (she's really great).

The navy blue---I know, I know, amazing color combo there---leggings come from Nordstrom.



shoes I can believe inshoes I can believe in 


The shoes come from a local Portland shop, Shoefly.  They were a gift from my so generous mama, when she was in town.  I'm guessing the deal time is over, but you might want to check if you're in town.  These nice shoes were nearly 75% off their original price.  That's my kinda deal.

There is nothing that can compare to the shopping and customer service I receive at Grandma's Basement.  All lipsticks and skirts aside, I'll never forget the feeling I had when visiting my special grandmothers.

They were mini museums of love.

***Song of the Moment: Little Girl Blue, by Nina Simone***


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