All of a Sudden.

all of a sudden

You walk out of the house with your pretty shoes on and it starts to rain.  You play in the puddles any way. You wake up and worry that you can't remember what it is you were worried about.  You worry any way. You find yourself where you're not meant to be.  You play there any way. You don't know what to say.  You say it any way. You're no longer in love.  You're loving any way. You're no longer heartbroken. You're no longer young. You're no longer old. You're no longer lost. You are weak. You are free. You are love. And you're heavy.


Nothing and everything are exactly what they seem. You are exactly who you say you are. You are exactly who you wanted to be. Light gets in. ***Song of the Moment: Time of No Reply, by Nick Drake***
Group 7