Outfit of the Day: Mondays can be sexy, too!

Monday, Monday, what are we to do with you?! Sometimes Mondays make me want to curl up in a ball and sleep the day away (much like Gingham does, now that I think about it... Lucky pup).

Well, here at betsy & iya we've decided to reclaim the often, "dreaded Monday" and turn it into a day of delectable outfits and impromptu photoshoots. That's right! Every Monday we will bring you an "Outfit of the Day" (OOTD) post with one of the lovely b&i employees donning inspiring apparel. Betsy was looking TOO spicy today in red lipstick, and heels to match. Check out the photos below, and the accompanying Mad Lib that tells the tale of her outfit.

Dang, my boss is beautiful!



Featured Jewelry:

-Wedding Ring from Will (*Not Available for Sale*)
How do you all beat your case of the Mondays? Leave comments below with your Monday remedies! Also head over to our Facebook for more photos of this outfit! Happy Monday, y'all! --Kelly

***Song of the Moment: Time of the Season, By The Zombies***

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