Dressing Daphne: Top pick for a summer picnic

It's summer time and Daphne is itching to get out and into the sunshine. But she can't get out without this Karen Kimono dress by Market.  It's the perfect summer piece with its aqua color and thin jersey fabric (Oh and did we mention that this is the SOFTEST fabric ever?! No joke, no lie, you must come in and try it out for yourself!).


Lookin' FIERCE.


The loose fit on top with the fitted skirt creates an effortless silhouette (especially with the leather strap belt) to make you look cool, calm, and captivating! You can strut this ensemble out on a picnic in Laurelhurst, shopping on Mississippi, or anytime on a sunny day getting some ice cream at Salt & Straw. Wherever you are, you're lookin' FAB. Just ask Daph, she knows what she's talking about.


Daph is really working the Morse Code and Pathway necklaces!


Asymmetrical back detail... Yes please!


This skinny Isaac Hers leather belt is the perfect accessory to pair with this dress.


Take a closer look and you'll see that the fabric is actually made out of teeny tiny stripes. So cool!

Dress: Market, Karen Kimono, Aqua, $62

Belt: Isaac Hers, leather, $24


Morse code "Now:" $57

The Pathway: $74


If Daphne had a head...

Betty Leaf gold: These Bettys really amp up the outfit with their striking shape and gold color.


The Crossing: These babies play off the leather belt and add that air of edge to the look.



Sandstorm: The sheen on the Sandstorms really compliment the sheen of the aqua color and frame the face beautifully.



Look forward to more of Daphne's style every other Tuesday, friends!

Love, Barrie :)

***Song of the moment: Bennie And The Jets, by Elton John***




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